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ArmRX Welcomes Meccatech Health Care Onboard
First Shipment of ArmRX products to Meccatech

First Shipment of ArmRX products to Meccatech

ArmRX welcomes Meccatech Health Care as suppliers of ArmRX products.  Meccatech Health Care will be distributing ArmRX products to Australia. Welcome on aboard!  You can contact them at

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Clip Strip

ArmRx is pleased to introduce the newest merchandising tools for the single pack products. The new clip strips merchandising display is perfect for retailers who are selling ArmRx in their store for the first time.

The Clip Strip’s are made of flexible plastic and are very lightweight. The special t-bar top is designed to either fold over and tuck into the facing of a retail shelf or in most cases “clip” directly into the shelf facing itself.

When properly displayed, the Clip Strips offer an out in front waterfall of the ArmRx products making sure patients needing bath or shower protection for a cast or bandage can find the new item.

Clip strips are available free with a qualifying wholesale order of ArmRx. To get started using the new ArmRx Clip Strip displays, contact our toll free customer hotline at (877)379-2278 today!


New ArmRx Patient Referral Cards Now Available…

ArmRx is happy to announce it’s new Patient referral Cards - now available FREE to Dealers, Doctors and Healthcare Clinics!

Attention Healthcare Professionals - Are you still telling patients to tie a garbage bag around their injury?

If so, most likely it’s because you don’t feel you have an affordable, reliable, professional option to recommend to them.

Patient Referral Card #1


Your work should not go out the door in a garbage bag…
Request Your Supply Of FREE Patient Referral Cards Today!


ArmRx, the same new professional waterproof protection being used by hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide, is now available for continued care at home!

Patient Referral Card #2


Don’t jeopardize the important healing process…
Request Your Supply Of FREE Patient Referral Cards Today!


ArmRx is designed to both affordably and reliably protect injuries to the arm and leg from moisture penetration during the crucial healing period.

Patient Referral Card #3


Designed to keep moisture out and your hygiene intact! …
Request Your Supply Of FREE Patient Referral Cards Today!


Now you can feel confident recommending ArmRx products to your patients - but more importantly, your patients can afford to feel confident, too!

Patient Referral Card #4


ArmRx - the most reliable and affordable Shower and Bath waterproof protection for the continued care of casts, bandages, surgical sites, lacerations, skin conditions, prostheses, burns, IV, PICC Lines, and a variety of hand, wrist, arm, ankle, leg, and foot conditions at home or during travel.

To request your FREE pack of ArmRx Patient Referral Cards - call (877) 379-2278 today! Each pack is assorted with 4 colorful and professional postcard designs explaining the ArmRx product with a space on back to place personalize them with your company’s information.

ArmRx products are an affordable, patient-friendly solution. Don’t jeopardize the important healing process - let your patients get back in the water with ArmRx…



More Important ArmRx Product Facts… COMPLETE SIZE SPECS -

June 1st, 2009

We’ve had a lot of calls here at ArmRx regarding the “one size fits most” specifications of our protection covers.

Although there are some bandages and braces that are extremely oversized, most common are the ones that contour the limb pretty closely.

Below are the actual measurements of the “one size fits most” ArmRx Arm and Leg Gloves. Please use the measurements confirming the ArmRx water protection products will fit over your injury or bandage site:

SizingARM GLOVE SPECS: The ArmRx ARM glove is shaped like a glove.

- The top of the ARM glove has a 20 inch diameter (opening)
- The elbow area has approx a 16 inch diameter
- The wrist area has approx a 14 inch diameter
- The hand area is about 11 long and about 13 inches around the ball of the hand
- Using the large or small band application, the Velcro straps that accompany the ARM glove fit from 8” up to 20” circumference limb.

LEG GLOVE SPECS: Our ArmRx LEG glove is shaped like a boot

- The top of the LEG glove has a 25 inch diameter (opening)
- The knee area has about a 22 inch diameter
- The ankle area has a 21 inch diameter
- The foot area is about 16 long and about 14 inches around the ball of the foot
- Using the large or small band application, the Velcro straps that accompany the LEG glove fit from 12” up to 25” circumference limb.

If you have any further questions regarding the sizing or application of the ArmRx products, please contact our Toll Free Customer Hotline at (877) 379-2278 for immediate assistance.


ArmRx Receives Broadlane Diversity Supplier Contract - Effective April 1st, 2006

June 1st, 2006

After two years of testing, evaluation, and scrutiny, ArmRx was recently approved for and awarded our first Hospital GPO contract.

On April 1st, 2006, ArmRx executed Broadlane Diversity Supplier Contract #GA-331 for the ArmRx IV & Wound Site Protection Sleeves for the Arm and Leg.

This is the first product of it’s kind to be under Supplier contract with Broadlane, one of the nations leading Hospital supply organizations.

If it’s proven effective for use in Hospitals and Clinics - you know you’ve got the best protection available!


ArmRx - IT REALLY WORKS…. And Here’s Why!

June 1st, 2006

Here are just a few of the reasons ArmRx is proven to be the most economical, reliable, simple to use, water protection for patient casts, bandages, IV & PICC Lines, Lacerations, Abrasions, Surgical Sites, and Burns.

- The ArmRx Special Non Gloss Polyethylene has a naturally tacky feel to the plastic

- The ArmRx Half Inch Wide Velcro Bands are comfortable, easily adjusted, and provide an extra wide seal point around the limb.

- The ArmRx Full Length Sleeves protect the full or partial limb depending on the placement of the ArmRx bands.

- ArmRx Exclusive Double Band Seal Design provides two seal points for maximum back up protection in any environment.

- One Size Fits Most product with a huge size range! - ArmRx Arm Gloves will fit a limb from 8” to 20” and the ArmRx Leg Glove will fit a limb from 12” to 25”.



June 1st, 2006

IV & PICC Lines Must Be Protected From Water, too…

Did you know that IV & PICC Lines used for home infusion treatment require protection from unwanted exposure to water!

ArmRx is perfect for those patients undergoing these treatments. Since it is re-usable, ArmRx can be used for weeks, even months, for just pennies per application and offers the patient safe and comfortable water tight protection for their IV / PICC site - completely controlling the risk of infection or costly reapplication of these very expensive intravenious devices.

Here are just a few of the Medical conditions treated with home infusion therapy - they include:

Infections of all kinds, including respiratory, urinary tract, soft-tissue, post-operative infections, and pneumonia;

Cancer and cancer-related pain;

Nutrition-related problems associated with Crohn’s disease, esophageal cancer, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, etc.;

AIDS-related conditions such as anemia, malnutrition, and severe pain;

Congestive heart failure;

Immune deficiencies;

Multiple sclerosis;



High-risk pregnancy;

Growth disorders.

For more information regarding the uses of ArmRx to protect IV & PICC Line sites, please contact our Toll Free Customer Hotline at (877) 379-2278.


ArmRx - Not Just A Cast Cover….

June 1st, 2006

If you think CAST COVER when you think of ArmRx, you’re missing more that 60% of the injuries that require protection from water during the healing period.

Consider these facts and statistics the next time you introduce ArmRx to your customers - it’s a heck of a lot more that just a Cast Cover!

Home Infusion -IV & PICC Line Water Protection
Post Surgical Site Water Protection
Open Wounds & Laceration Water Protection
Second & Third Degree Burn Injuries
Mild to Severe Abrasions
Adverse Skin Conditions & Infections
Diabetes Wounds & Dialysis Shunts
Prosthetic Devices

More Than 32 Million Patients A Year Will Require Protection From Unwanted Exposure To Water In The USA Alone - THAT’S THE POTENTIAL OF THE ARMRX MARKET


ArmRx Underwater Demonstration Video - NOW AVAILABLE!

June 1st, 2006

“Water Tight even when submerged under water!”

We’ve just completed a new ArmRx Demonstration CD - it plays right on your PC using Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc. It’s about 6 minutes long and completely demonstrates the benefits and components of the ArmRx product, fully explains the simple installation of the item, and includes a fully submerged, underwater demonstration of the Arm Glove.

This little demo speaks volumes regarding the simplicity and total effectiveness of ArmRx protecting casts, bandages, IV, PICC lines, lacerations, burns, abrasions, wand any other type of wound site from unwanted exposure to water in the shower, bath, pool or spa.

Look for this new under water demonstration video on our website soon!

For more information or to request your copy today, call our Toll Free Customer Hotline at (877) 379-3378.


ArmRx - Top Featured New Product By Home Health Products Online

December 1st, 2005

ArmRx is receiving prime exposure during 4th Quarter 2005 at the Home Health Products website. The feature contains an online ArmRx catalog, special fax order offers, and new professional testimonials and endorsements.

Home Health Products ,published by Stevens Publishing, boasts both a top national home care products magazine and website and is a leader in home care product news, treatment, and industry information reporting. Home Health Products, also known as HHP, is also working in conjunction with MedTrade to promote new products at upcoming shows.

HHP has been a tremendous friend and supporter of the new ArmRx products and believes it’s a product that is way overdue. It’s a fact that patients must keep casts, bandages,lacerations, skin conditions or even IV and PICC lines dry - and they agree a garbage bag and tape is a cumbersome solution prone to failure. HHP wants to help spread the word that professional water tight protection is no longer too expensive or difficult to use and facilitates better hygiene, improves healing and speeds up recovery, not to mention improves quality of life for the patient.

Patients who have used ArmRx will tell you “it is one of the most simple and reliable water protection products at a cost everyone can afford - about the price of a fast food lunch!” And for those patients who are impaired with such an injury, a reliable and affordable alternative such as ArmRx can make a huge difference in the personal comfort and uninterrupted success of their healing process.

For more information on the different Hydro Dry solutions from ArmRx, visit or see their feature on the homepage.


Walter Stewart, Director of Marketing, and Ben Langworthy, CEO of Aspen Company, Inc.

ArmRx: Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protection Meets In Phoenix, AZ...

ArmRx Division of Aspen Company, Inc., manufacturers of the new ArmRx Water Protection products, met in Phoenix, Arizona for their annual Sales & Marketing Conference February 15th through 19th, 2005.

Discussed at this year's conference were the new patient awareness programs for 2005, the near future release of the new Children's Product line, new USA distributor and dealer acquisitions and the continued expansion of their fast growing overseas distribution. All the new advertising art and marketing slogans were also unveiled.

When asked about the most exciting news for New Year 2005, ArmRx states, "the recent cooperative expansion of our US distribution with some of the nation's leading Medical Product Suppliers would be first!". The growth in the hospital and institutional use of ArmRx across the country and their proven reliable product reputation with not a single failure were also reported as highlights.



ArmRx To Be Introduced At Arab Health Exposition in Dubai, U.A.E ...

Arabian millennium Trading, the exclusive distributor of ArmRx Waterproof Protection Products in the Gulf Region, introduces the new ArmRx to the Gulf Region medical supply marketplace in Dubai for the first time at the Arab Health Exposition!

AMT UAE will be exhibiting and demonstrating ArmRx at the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai between 12 & 15 February 2005. All those attending this International Medical Supply Exposition, please visit Arabian Millennium Trading at Hall No. 3, Stand No. 3621 - 3721 - 4021.


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