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What our customers have to say


Chris Elliott, our Project Manager based in the Midlands says that ArmRx is enthusiastically received by hospitals. This is how Chris conveys her ArmRx hospital experience:

Chris Elliot

"As a rep for Win Health, I have been delighted to introduce waterproof ArmRx arm and leg gloves to Midland hospitals. Without fail, all hospital staff have been very enthusiastic about all aspect of the products.

Initially, on hearing the price, they were disbelieving, questioning me further to "find out the catch." ArmRx is a fraction of the cost of its rivals.

I demonstrated the product on patients visiting the plaster rooms of the emergency departments. Both patients and staff were impressed by the ease of application.

The staff particularly liked the fact that each glove could fit any size of limb, left or right and protect above or below elbow/knee casts and dressings. They thought this would eliminate mistakes made when ordering and allow bulk ordering without accumulating a backlog of seldom-used sizes.

One also commented that they would be easier to apply than rival products as they had a much wider opening to accommodate application over bulky casts or dressings.

I left each hospital with a smile on my face, which was almost as broad as the smiles on the patient's faces as they walked (or hopped) away with their sample ArmRx tucked safely in their pocket."


Jo Alexander, Manager of a Dementia Care Home in Kent has this point to make:

" We use the waterproof ArmRx arm glove protectors in our care facility. They are easy to apply and most of our patients do not require much extra help with fixing of the waterproof sleeves on or with taking them off. The gloves give people a chance of a better hygiene and also make them to be that little bit more independent. Consequently - our patients are happier and we save our energies for other tasks and duties.

We have not yet had the opportunity to use the waterproof ArmRx leggings, but I am sure that when the need arises, we will be equally pleased with them as we are with the ArmRx arm gloves."


Chad West, a winning Moto Cross racer from Washougal, Washington, contacted ArmRx and writes:

"I landed incorrectly during a jump at my last race which resulted in a shattered wrist injury to my left arm. The severity of the break was such that a pin apparatus with a large metal stabilizer bar was bolted in to hold the wrist in place during the healing period of 6 weeks."

"An ArmRx Arm Glove was recommended by my Walgreen's Pharmacist. Due to the normal size limitations of the arm glove, it would not fit over the monstrous bandage on my arm.

So my Pharmacist recommended the ArmRx Leg Glove to protect my injury from water penetration. It easily fit over my large size cast and using the small size band application, I was able to properly fit it to my arm.

Even with the excess plastic gathered under the bands, the ArmRx glove has never leaked - and I am still using the first one from my four pack. I have the cast off now but will continue with the pin brace and wrap for four more weeks.

I wanted to say thanks to you folks at ArmRx for making my bad situation better - also, I have recommended ArmRx to my Doctor who originally told me to either tape a garbage bag over it or hold it out of the water during a shower!"


Patient loved it and thought it was a “very clever idea” and so did I, completely effective for water protection of patient’s arm and leg ….

Chris H., Patient Technician - San Diego


Betty Schaler

Betty Schaler writes,

“I had both hand and foot surgery within months of each other and ArmRx was recommended for bathing by my Pharmacist - I bought a multi pack box with each circumstance. I never missed a bath and ArmRx never leaked - not once. What a tremendous and simple watertight product you have! And comfortable, too!”

Thank you for your kind and supportive testimonial, Betty Schaler!


Here’s some Straight Talk From Judy Gerber of Clyde, Ohio who asks the same question….

“You were so kind to me when last we spoke … approx. 8 mos. ago. I had just had reconstructive joint surgery on my hand and was contacting you regarding your Arm Glove. The info that you sent to me I took to my surgeon just as I promised you I would. He had to look it over of course, and the second visit his girl told me that he wasn’t interested. I was incredulous that a Dr. wouldn’t help his patients when he could. Especially when it was so in-expensive for him to do. I was disappointed. . . . and disappointed in him as a person.

Now I am looking at foot surgery on the 21st of next month. I’ll have numerous sutures in the top of my foot for 2 weeks and of course I am interested in being able to purchase the Leg Glove so that I am able to shower as I did when my hand was casted. Do you recall the problems I had finding the “Arm Gloves” back when I needed them? WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE that they don’t offer such a wonderful product where we can purchase it, I wonder.”

Sincerely yours,
Judy Gerber
Clyde, OH

When we asked Judy for her permission to publish her comments at the website, she provided even more insight regarding her long term experience using ArmRx:

“In regard to your first proposal about using my remarks on your website, you certainly have my permission, but I think so many more good things about your Armglove, having used it for over 8 months, every single day of that time. No worries, no leaks and I used only two that entire time. I took good care of the glove, yet used the two of them hard. None of this was included in what I wrote originally on the 16th.

This (foot) surgery will not have nearly as long a recovery time as my hand, yet 14 days with sutures, and no shower, in this weather could seem like forever. I believe that people should be as comfortable and as clean as possible while they are attempting to heal & recover!!

I am going to call O.E. Meyer tomorrow morning and you might be interested in knowing that they have a branch office right over in Fremont, (Ohio) approximately 8 - 10 miles from here … so I could easily run over there to pick up a Leg Glove. I am glad you put me on to the fact that they carry your product. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go for a number of days with maybe a cast or sutures in my hands or legs and could not step into my shower knowing that my surgical site was protected. I’d no doubt be trying to rig-up a garbage bag and fasten it with Duct Tape or some other silly thing!!

… thank you for all the kind consideration you’ve given to my situation. Please feel free to use whatever you want to on your site. Perhaps you can pick and choose from these two latest communications and put together a testimonial worthy of your great product.”

Sincerely yours,


Scottsdale Healthcare Chooses ArmRx For Reliable Inpatient Water Protection

December 1st, 2005

Scottsdale Healthcare of Arizona has two of the finest hospital campuses in the country, certainly in Arizona. Recently, SHC completed extensive ArmRx product trials and evaluations in consideration of the product for use to provide confident water protection to IV, PICC, and Mid Line Catheter sites as well as arm and / or hand wounds and dressings. Previously, SHC Nurses and staff were utilizing bin liners or Saran wrap and tape in an attempt to effectively protect patients during shower or bath.

At the end of July, SHC made the final decision regarding the benefits of ArmRx and chose to stock the item for use at both hospital campuses. During the in-service to those locations, areas such as Home Health, Orthopedics, and Wound Care expressed interest in the ArmRx Leg Protectors for their patients and the additional was approved for use as well.

ArmRx would like to welcome Scottsdale Healthcare on board and express their great appreciation to Sue Jacobs and the Clinical Supply Management Team for their insight and consideration of new and innovative products such as ours. Their constant search for better, more standardized and efficient ways to improve patient care is one of the reasons they hold top honors and recognition in the medical profession.


This is what Joan Hodges from Worthing in West Sussex says about her personal experience with ArmRx:

" I recently had the misfortune to be diagnosed with Cellulitis. This is a bacterial infection of the skin and the tissues beneath it, and it manifested itself on the lower part of my leg spreading to the ankle. The affected area was hot, very tender and red, and I felt generally unwell. The treatment is a course of Antibiotics, but it took two to three weeks for the "Acute" stage to subside.

Joan Hodges bathJoan Hodges pool As my leg was so tender and hot it was most uncomfortable to get it wet when I showered, so I was so pleased and relieved when I found waterproof ArmRx Leg Gloves. This is a full length plastic stocking which fits up to the thigh. It is secured in place with a strap, then the top folded over and another strap put in place. This gave full protection to my leg which remained dry, whilst I was able to shower the rest of my body as usual. This was absolutely marvellous, especially as it took some time for the condition to subside. (It is particularly important for me to have a hot shower in the morning, as I also suffer from Lumbar Spondylitis and the hot water helps to get the muscles relaxed.)

I also found that it worked well in the Hydro-Therapy Pool where I go every week. The Leg Glove keeps the water away from my skin and acts as an added protection from possible infection. Cellulitis once contracted, although not always Acute, seems to be a Chronic condition, but with the use of the Leg Glove I can still go to the Hydro Therapy Pool to exercise on a regular basis.

The product really does do what it claims. It gives protection whilst showering or bathing, and would also help other conditions, eg, if wearing a plaster cast, bandage, etc. or for any reason where you want to protect the arm or leg from getting wet. They fit either men or women. An added bonus is that I can use it myself and remain independent.

Having discovered the product I am really keen to "Spread the Word"! I haven't had occasion to use the Arm Glove, but I keep a packet of them as well as the Leg Gloves as an insurance against possible need!"


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