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Improving Patient Care At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Are your nurses cutting the end out of plastic bags, spending 5 - 10 minutes and a lot of tape in an attempt to protect patient IV’s and bandages for their daily bathing? What happens when that necessary protection leaks? ArmRx® is the ultimate simple solution to this problem at a fraction of the cost of makeshift and potentially leaking protective covers.

ArmRX Arm Glove Hospital Dispensers#121118 - HOSPITAL & INSTITUTIONAL DISPENSERS

Individual Arm Glove Packs

- sold in 30 pk Dispenser Boxes

Self dispensing counter top or shelf box contains 30 Individual Hospital Arm Glove packages. Each Individual Hospital Arm Glove package contains one ArmRx® Arm Glove, 2 ArmRx® hook and loop straps and complete instructions for installation and use.

Each single pack of ArmRx® Arm Gloves consist of a single arm sleeve with 2 "hook and loop" straps that adjust the glove to the required size and fasten it securely on the limb, forming a watertight pocket that helps keep the user's arm completely dry even during total submersion in water.

Gains specific to Healthcare Organizations and Care Institutions...

  • Cost savings on the premature replacements of casts, bandages and dressings damaged by water and moisture
  • Cost savings on expensive nursing time required to replace the damaged dressings, bandages and plaster casts
  • Cost savings on nursing time spent on assisting patients with their personal hygiene
  • Cost savings on fewer health complications associated with undesirable exposure to water
  • Achievable improvements in patient hygiene, cleanliness and independence
  • Overall positive impact on standards of care
  • Easy storage, administration and disposal
  • Cost effective solution to many healthcare issues associated with effective patient recovery and rehabilitation

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