ArmRx water protection gloves

Full Length Hydro Dry Protectors
for Effective, Convenient and Affordable Protection from Water


The ArmRx products offer the following benefits...

  • Proven confident and reliable protection from water and / or moisture penetration.
  • Enables & improves personal hygiene increasing the patient’s sense of wellbeing
  • Facilitates personal independence and preserves the privacy of personal care
  • Reduces expense and inconvenience of replacing damaged dressings or casts
  • Controls the risks associated with the wetting of wounds, lacerations or skin conditions
  • Allows normal non-restricted limb mobility during use
  • Enables therapeutic effects of bathing
  • Convenient, easy to use, light and non-bulky
  • Portable, easy to store and easy to dispose of
  • Economical, inexpensive and affordable
  • Environmentally friendly - ArmRx® can be recycled or disposed of with normal waste

Here’s what Health Care Providers are saying about ArmRx® ...

NursePatient loved it and thought it was a “very clever idea” and so did I, completely effective for water protection of patient’s arm and leg ….
Chris H., Patient Technician

Finally a professional remedy for this problem, I was in no way embarrassed to apply this remedy to my patients in less than 40 seconds…. Pam K., RN

Nurse 2We have tried your ArmRx Arm Gloves on several of our surgery and cast patients and the feedback has been extremely positive… the ArmRx Arm Glove is long over due as you well know...Beth P., MD

The arm bands must be tight to be completely submersible, but was not uncomfortable to patient and it actually worked, I hope we keep them… Juanita T., Patient Technician

Works like a charm—fast and easy. Arm bands best when placed at arm joints—not mid forearm or bicep…Randy C., Patient Technician

Nurse 3The nurses and patients loved them, how do we order… Robert W., MD

ArmRx has brought dignity back to bath and shower protection for both myself and the patient … Judy M., RN


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