ArmRx water protection gloves

Full Length Hydro Dry Protectors
for Effective, Convenient and Affordable Protection from Water


ArmRx - IT REALLY WORKS…. And Here’s Why!

June 1st, 2006

Here are just a few of the reasons ArmRx is proven to be the most economical, reliable, simple to use, water protection for patient casts, bandages, IV & PICC Lines, Lacerations, Abrasions, Surgical Sites, and Burns.

- The ArmRx Special Non Gloss Polyethylene has a naturally tacky feel to the plastic

- The ArmRx Half Inch Wide Velcro Bands are comfortable, easily adjusted, and provide an extra wide seal point around the limb.

- The ArmRx Full Length Sleeves protect the full or partial limb depending on the placement of the ArmRx bands.

- ArmRx Exclusive Double Band Seal Design provides two seal points for maximum back up protection in any environment.

- One Size Fits Most product with a huge size range! - ArmRx Arm Gloves will fit a limb from 8” to 20” and the ArmRx Leg Glove will fit a limb from 12” to 25”.


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