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Clip Strip

ArmRx is pleased to introduce the newest merchandising tools for the single pack products. The new clip strips merchandising display is perfect for retailers who are selling ArmRx in their store for the first time.

The Clip Strip’s are made of flexible plastic and are very lightweight. The special t-bar top is designed to either fold over and tuck into the facing of a retail shelf or in most cases “clip” directly into the shelf facing itself.

When properly displayed, the Clip Strips offer an out in front waterfall of the ArmRx products making sure patients needing bath or shower protection for a cast or bandage can find the new item.

Clip strips are available free with a qualifying wholesale order of ArmRx. To get started using the new ArmRx Clip Strip displays, contact our toll free customer hotline at (877)379-2278 today!


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