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Injuries That Require Protection From Water For The Healing Period

How Common Is This?

National Vital Statistics say over 32 million patients will need this type of protection each year in the USA. Those customers should not be going out the door with their injuries wrapped in a garbage bag and duct tape!

Injuries such as broken bones, surgical sites, lacerations, burns, adverse skin conditions take time to heal properly. During this healing period, unwanted exposure to water can lead to infections or other moisture related delays in healing. Inpatient intravenous sites such as IV's, PICC Lines, and Dialysis Shunts also require protection from water penetration and exposure. Why?

Water protection for open wound sites is crucial!
It is a fact that everyday water is not sterile. When exposed to open wound sites or bandages, water can introduce infectious bacteria to the area and to the blood stream - jeopardizing the healing process and drastically increasing the risk to the patient.

Due to the construction of Casts, water protection is mandatory!
Fiberglas or plaster materials form the hard supportive layer in splints and casts. Both Fiberglas and plaster splints and casts use padding, usually cotton, as a protective layer next to the skin. When cotton padding, synthetic padding, or plaster is used in the making of a cast, the cast must be kept dry.

If these materials become wet significant problems may develop.
When a plaster cast gets wet, the cast becomes soft, loses strength, and no longer adequately immobilizes the injured area. As a result, broken bones may heal in the incorrect position if the cast is not replaced.

When the cotton or synthetic padding gets wet, it is very difficult to dry.
As a result, the wet skin under the wet padding may develop rashes, infections, or become macerated. So patients must keep their cast dry if it has either a cotton or synthetic lining or if it is a plaster cast.

All of these conditions, created as a result of unwanted exposure to water, require further treatment while increasing patient risk and medical costs.

The new ArmRx offers superior water proof protection while ensuring patient comfort using no tapes, elastics, or latex. ArmRx is available for both the arm and leg and when properly installed, is virtually submersible and can be used for water protection even while swimming in a pool - a huge advantage over any other remedy that only "shields" a cast or wound site area from water. And best of all, ArmRx is available to patients nationwide at a fraction of the cost of any other similar device sold today!

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