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ArmRx® Arm and Leg Gloves are made from environmentally friendly recyclable polyethylene. They are easy to store and do not require special disposal. They are light, neatly packaged and convenient for use any time and anywhere - in the hospital, at home or during travel.

ArmRX Arm Gloves 30 individual gloves dispenser#122115 - Individual Arm Glove Packs

- sold in 30 pk Dispenser Box

Self dispensing counter top or shelf box contains 30 Individual Arm Glove packages. Each Individual Arm Glove package contains one ArmRx® Arm Glove, 2 ArmRx® hook and loop straps and complete instructions for installation and use.

Each single pack of ArmRx® Arm Gloves consist of a single arm sleeve with 2 "hook and loop" straps that adjust the glove to the required size and fasten it securely on the limb, forming a watertight pocket that helps keep the user's arm completely dry even during total submersion in water.

ArmRX Arm Gloves 10 Glove Value Pack

#121217 - ArmRx® : 10 Pack

Multi Arm Glove Value Package

ArmRx® : 10 Pack Multi Arm Glove Value Pack contains 10 ArmRx® Arm Gloves, 2 ArmRx® hook and loop straps and complete installation and use instructions.

ArmRx® Arm Gloves Multi-Pack of 10: The gloves are disposable, however, this does not translate that they must be discarded after a single use. The gloves are made from a strong clear polyethylene and can withstand more than one bath or one shower, if appropriately cleaned, dried and stored between re-uses.


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