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Water Protection for your Casts and Wounds

ArmRX Water Protective Arm and Leg GlovesEvery day many people require protection from water and moisture for their surgical dressings, bandaged wounds, plaster casts, intravenous sites, PICC lines and many different skin conditions and lacerations during washing, bathing or showering.

ArmRx® products are patented innovative lightweight sleeves and/or leggings that provide totally effective and watertight protection. ArmRx® protectors are suitable for use in the institutional care environment (i.e. hospitals and nursing homes) as well as by individual users in their own homes and during travel. ArmRx® products are tried, tested, proven and used in hundreds of hospitals and care institutions and by thousands of private users across the United States and around the world.

ArmRx® Arm and Leg Gloves improve hygiene and personal care without the risk of infections or moisture related delays in healing. ArmRx® products help patients to "stay dry" at bath time, saving valuable resources and nursing time by cutting down the number of reapplications of otherwise damaged dressings, bandages and casts.

ArmRx® Arm and Leg Gloves ensure that people enjoy the soothing comfort of bathing or invigorating showering without the stress and worry of wetting their bandages, jeopardizing the healing processes.

And most important - ArmRx® Arm and Leg Gloves allow the freedom and the comfort of unrestricted personal hygiene without the loss of personal privacy.

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